Serenade MKII Pointe Shoe (2131L)


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Serenade MKII (2131L) Limited Stock - Discontinued- Originally $90.00

Bloch's "Serenade MKII" pointe shoe features a narrow heel and fits snugly. The platform is wider so it is better suited to a dancer with square shaped toes. This also helps lateral balance and assists dancers who are inclined to "sickle" or fall off pointe sideways. Ribbons not included. Four improvements to the original "Serenade": Streamlined satin upper. Sides of the satin upper have been lowered to reveal more of the dancers foot, enhancing aesthetic, providing a more modern, streamlined look as well as reducing bunching of satin when en pointe. New generation insole is virtually unbreakable creating harder wearing, longer life, better value for money, lighter, and molds quicker to the sole of a dancers arch giving greater support when en pointe. Also forces the shoe to sit flatter on stage, reducing rocking and enhancing stability. Longer wing puff. This reduces creasing and bunching of satin when en pointe. Additional padding under pleating makes these shoes quieter by cushioning impact on stage, reducing noise. Content: Upper: Satin/Man-Made; Sole: Leather Features: Wide Tapered Box Long Vamp Medium Profile Narrow Heel Medium Shank Strength Medium Box Strength Square Foot Shape


Note: Pointe shoes should fit perfectly and never leave room for growth, so in order to ensure they support feet precisely and comfortably, we recommend getting fitted by our professional fitters before you buy a new pair of pointe shoes. Unfortunately we cannot provide refunds for pointe shoes that have broken as a result of not being fitted prior to purchasing. Pointe shoes should only be worn with proper training and instruction. They can cause injury if worn improperly. 

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