Gaynor Minden Roller Kit (TA-R-113)

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Gaynor Minden Roller Kit (TA-R-113)

This new Roller Kit was designed just for dancers and contains all the essentials for targeting the muscles and fascia most in need of relief before and after a long day in the studio.

Our kit is lightweight, compact, and includes the tools dancers need most:

Travel Roller: Relieves tension in the back, IT band, hips, and legs.

Mini Roller: Targeted relief for sore and tight calves.

Large Massage Ball: Perfect for massaging hip flexors and the psoas.

Small Massage Ball: Gets into the intrinsic muscles of the feet.

Micro Velvet Mat: More comfortable (and cleaner!) than the floor.

Carrying Bag: A shoulder strap makes the whole kit ultra portable!

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